Food Chemistry II (FOOD*3040/3060)

This course focuses on the chemistry and physics of interfaces and gels, the chemistry of pigments and enzymes and their importance for and applications in food products.

FOOD*3040 also encompasses a lab component that will bring the above topics to life in an engaging and educational way.

The Utilization of Cereal Grains for Human Consumption (FOOD*4520)

This course covers the characteristics of the kernels of the most commonly encountered cereals in our daily diet. Cereal processing such as milling and the production of a variety of end products (bread, cookies, crackers and cakes) is reviewed. It digs deeper into the chemistry, physics and functionality of cereal biopolymers during cereal processing. ‚Äč

This course has a lab component carried out in the pilot scale baking lab of the Food Science Department of the University of Guelph.

Special Topics in Food Physics (FOOD*6730)

This graduate course reviews the basics of rheology and how this is important for food quality, consumer perception and production.

FOOD*6730 encompasses a semester-round assignment that intends to bring rheology in action in a food context.